About PoshGUI


I’m passionate about automation and love the impact it has on our lives.
I released PoshGUI in November 2016 to scratch my own itch. Below you can read a short story about how this site came to life

Maciej Obuchowski

Creator of poshgui.com
Senior IT Architect – Robotic Process Automation


Powershell is one of the most incredible resources in the automation world.

However, sharing the script with less technical colleagues can be challenging.

While there were tools to help with that, they would cost hundreds of dollars and were complex, requiring a lot of learning before creating even a simple form.

I wanted something simple, a web page on which I can easily and quickly create a pretty form for my scripts.

The initial application was a single not so pretty page, and you couldn’t even delete your projects.

I posted about it on Reddit, and…

It took off!

Thousands of users started using it, requesting features, helping to shape PoshGUI into the company it is today.

After years of development and support from users, I can now happily present an application for Powershell GUI development that I had never dreamed of that first day when I started the project.

PoshgGUI now offers at the same time simplicity and some of the best technical features across all similar tools like Public repository, WPF Designer with DataContext, Multithreading, and Themes right out of the box!

Still, poshGUI is more than an application. It is a community of over 30 000 people in love with automation, trying to share their work with the world

"My boss and colleagues were super impressed with the GUIs I’ve created using your site. It helped me get a promotion, and it took mi less than a day to do it!"

"PoshGUI is perhaps one of the best ways to make a quick display readout or a script with some friendly GUI such as buttons. Or better yet, make it into an exe and create a basic app."

"An amazing tool! I was able to build an amazing GUI for my PowerShell script in less than an hour vs what would have to take a day + if I had to do it manually. Great utility!

"Poshgui is a game changer! I hate writing forms code! Thank you so much for this!"

"Excellent idea and excellent execution on PoshGui. Thanks, it is very helpful."