PowerShell GUI Designer

Unleash your PowerShell magic by creating easy to use interface


Provide easy to use, accessible tools for creating UI for Powershell scripts

People all around the world are creating amazing automation using Powershell.

However, it is hard to share these tools with less technical colleagues or even use them efficiently in a Powershell heavy environment.

Our goal is to allow you to make your scripts more accessible, by abstracting the complexity of building a UI while still providing a sophisticated designer for Power Users


How PoshGUI helps you

WPF Designer

Create modern, robust, and beautiful user interfaces

WinForms Designer

Quick and easy development - create UI in minutes


No more freezing UI's. You can easily update the UI from multiple runspaces without adding complexity


Use MVVM design pattern to keep your code clean and easy to maintain

Public Repositories

Browse and fork thousands of publicly available projects

Private Repositories

Secure private projects that should remain confidential

Cloud Application

No installations or dependencies

Design Themes

Out of the box, design themes can improve your design skills with a click of a button

Code Editor

Online code editor for Powershell for all your snippet needs

Cmdlet Builder

Simplifies the process of creating complex cmdlets with an easy to use UI

User Testimonials

What They’re Saying

My boss and colleagues were super impressed with the GUIs I’ve created using your site. It helped me get a promotion, and it took mi less than a day to do it!

Posh GUI is perhaps one of the best ways to make a quick display readout or a script with some friendly GUI such as buttons. Or better yet, make it into an exe and create a basic app.

An amazing tool! I was able to build an amazing GUI for my PowerShell script in less than an hour vs what would have to take a day + if I had to do it manually. Great utility!

Poshgui is a game changer! I hate writing forms code! Thank you so much for this!

Excellent idea and excellent execution on PoshGui. Thanks, it is very helpful.